Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interactive Film

Check out this great example of interactivity!
It's not only a lovely film but also a brilliant way of getting the audience involved.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Winners of the Streamy Awards 2010

The Streamys are awarded to web TV series by the International Academy of Web Television — they’re similar to the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys.

Best Comedy Web Series: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Best Drama Web Series: The Bannen Way

Best Hosted Web Series: Diggnation

Best Reality or Documentary Web Series: The Secret Life of Scientists

Best News or Politics Web Series: Auto-Tune the News

Best Foreign Web Series: OzGirl

Best New Web Series: Odd Jobs

Best Companian Web Series: The Office: Subtle Sexuality

Best Animated Web Series: How it should have ended

Best Branded Entertainment Web Series: Back on Topps

Best Experimental Web Series: Auto-Tune the News

Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series: Agents of Cracked

What's your favorite? 

Top 5 Online Channels

If you wanna watch videos online, you can either go to platforms from established media companies:
  • video section of a TV broadcaster, e.g. TheWB.com 
  • internet portal of a producer or broadcaster, e.g. Hulu.com 
  • website of a brand, e.g. The New York Times
 or you can use pure internet platforms:
  • independent internet portals, e.g. mydamnchannel.com 
  • video sharing websites, e.g. C-Spot 
  • internet TV services which are reproducing the TV experience, e.g. Joost, Babelgum
These internet channels combine the quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the internet and offer professionally produced programming on-demand to a global audience.

My personal Top 5: 
 1) YouTube
      it's still the first address when you wanna watch videos online
2) Funny or Die
     it combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content
     and features celebrities
3) My Damn Channel
     launched some of the most successful, original comedy series
4) Babelgum
    just launched an original mobile application
5) Wenn Du aus Deutschland kommst, dann schau Dir doch auch mal www.3min.de an

If you know of any other interesting platforms, please let me know!