Monday, June 27, 2011

Mind my Brains, Darling!

If you like zombies, rom-coms and Britain, you shouldn't miss this Rom-Zom-Britcom called Mind my Brains, Darling! Here is the trailer:

Set in Britain in 1979, Mind My Brains, Darling! follows the ups and downs of family life with the Worthingtons, a typical family with a mum, dad, two kids and a grandfather. Typical that is, for a peri-apocalyptic society ravaged by war and zombies for the past 4 years. Oh, and the dad is a Zombie. Following in the Great British sitcom tradition, Mind My Brains, Darling! can best be described as 'Terry and June' married by 'The Vicar of Dibley' meets 'Dad's Army' by way of 'Shaun Of The Dead'. Filmed in the unique and ground-breaking 'Bodyline' filming style invented and perfected by HigletFilms, this webseries goes where others fear to tread - straight into the domain of the Great British Housewife.

Episode 1 was released on June 21st and you can get a taste of the action right here, right now:

Get ready for Episode 2 which comes out tomorrow! You can watch it here:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UPDATE: Pueblo - un proyecto bilingüe

Back in February (wow, time is flying!) I introduced a new web series called Pueblo - un proyecto bilingüe. It documents the comedic exploits of a quirky English teacher from the US, who is adapting to the culture of a Spanish farming village. A few days ago, I received a message saying the first 4 episodes are out and each Thursday a new one comes out.
Watch episode 1 right here, right now:

To watch episodes 2 to 4, please go to: and don't forget to check out the newest episode of Pueblo - un proyecto bilingüe tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Content Digital gets Strictly Sexual

The digital wing of distributor Content Media Corporation has secured international sales rights for web drama Strictly Sexual: The Series.
The sitcom (6x22'), produced by Hyphenate Films, is a spin-off from the feature film Strictly Sexual, which is available to download from VoD sites Hulu, Netflix and iTunes. The movie has become the most popular film on US streaming site Hulu, is the third most watched programme available on Hulu across all genres and has enjoyed similar success on Netflix and iTunes. Content Digital will offer the series across all platforms, including broadcast and digital.

Strictly Sexual: The Series tells the story of friends and lovers, as their relationships are tested, broken and mended. Building on the plot of the film, the series follows the same captivating characters and their complex interpersonal relationships and stars Johann Urb (2012, Entourage, CSI) as 'Joe', Kirsten Renton (Days of Our Lives, Sons of Anarchy) as 'Summer' and Stevie Long (Sons of Anarchy, The Mind Of The Married Man) as 'Stanny'. It takes a wry look at dating in today's world with its comedy grounded in authentic situations such as same sex relationships, the balance of career and love, and the challenge of what we learn from and bring to our friendships

Check out part 1 of the movie Strictly Sexual to get a first impression:

Monday, June 13, 2011

NEWS: adds YouTube stars

The web series network and Collective Digital Studio, the online content unit of entertainment management and production company "The Collective" have linked up to give the online video network distribution rights to some of YouTube's biggest home-grown stars.

This means will distribute content from the likes of Fred, The Annoying Orange, FreddieW and iJustine. They all became famous on YouTube and have millions of subscribers. The agreement applies to Collective Digital Studio's entire roster of talent. will control distribution and monetisation of the shows on its own site, YouTube and other online platforms.
"This partnership is one more step in the realisation of our plans to provide creative talent with a 360-degree solution to build their brands in the digital space," said The Collective's CEO and founder Michael Green.

Collective Digital Studio announced also two new online series. One centres on Fred (real name Lucas Cruikshank) and will be made by Rugrats and Wild Thornberries producers Kate Boutilier and Eryk Casemiro. Fred's YouTube channel has 2.24 million subscribers and his videos have received a total of 778 million views. His popularity has already resulted in a spin-off film, which was released last year. The other one will be a new web series by FreddieW creators Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch.

Last month, relaunched its website as a consumer-facing destination for original web series. Shows featured on the new site are picked by's editors and organised into 16 categories, including comedy, drama, sports and fashion. said it is on pace to reach 1 billion views per quarter.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, Inverted World

This web series is about your midtwenties....and the moon falling into the earth. Umm, what? 
Yep. It's about Mina (Pamela Bell), a misanthropic college grad returning home along with her three bearded best friends (Christian Nilssion, Terence Krey, Alex Longo) only to find out that home really sucks.While trying to figure out life's next chapter a strange, beautiful Selene (Krystel Bua) comes to them with a strange prophecy: the moon will fall into the earth! 
To receive an impression of Oh, Inverted World, check out the teaser below:

Oh, Inverted World follows a quite artistic approach by using black-and-white, mixing genres, and pivotal characters. If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead, Royal Tenenbaums, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, then you’ll be a huge fan of this web series. They manage to draw the viewer back in each episode with great cliffhangers and a compelling story. If you can't get enough of this web series, too, go to their website to watch all episodes:

Monday, June 6, 2011


"All just pieces to the puzzle":

Jacob Clarke lives an ordinary life until the day he finds out he has a brain tumor. That's when he starts hearing the "Voice" call to him for the first time. Initially ignoring it, he is eventually persuaded to listen and eventually, comes to realize that the "Voice" is not merely a side effect of his cancer, but rather, something else entirely. Led by the "Voice", Jacob's life is turned upside down and he is forced to abandon his old world and run head first into an entirely new one, evading the police and an entire gang syndicate while he's at it.

That's the synopsis of the new web series Pieces. It's created by Dylann Bobei who also plays Jacob, launched in February and ended a week ago. But no worries Season 2 is coming up soon and the USP is that each season of Pieces begins with a montage of seemingly random images and clips. These will appear periodically throughout the season allowing the audience an opportunity to spot these "pieces" and attempt to piece together the overall fabric of the show as they go along.

To find out more about Pieces Season 2 and to watch all episodes of Season 1, go to: