Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Drunk Kitchen

One of the most popular YouTube genres are tutorials: smokey-eye-tutorial, photoshop tutorial, guitar playing tutorial - even my Mandarin Chinese teacher sends us YouTube-tutorial links.
Some of them are with a twinkle in your eye. For example, the cooking show and comedy series My Drunk Kitchen by American 20-something Hannah "Harto" Hart.

My Drunk Kitchen features Hannah attempting to cook or bake various dishes while drinking lots of alcoholic beverages. Most episodes have their own recipe and sometimes corresponding drink.
Watch the 4th of July episode: "Adventures in Patriotism and Apple Pie - Baking for Freedom"

The series has been praised for its drunk humour, use of jump cut editing and hilarious catchphrases. 
If you wanna see more of Hannah, check her website:

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