Monday, September 6, 2010

Random House and Stardoll co-launch online story project

The publisher Random House has created an interactive story project to be serialised on Stardoll, the social gaming site for teenage girls which lets teens dress up animated characters.
The characters of this series Liz, Faye, Finn and Lucas have Stardoll avatars, too, with which users can interact. But users can not only interact with the characters, they can also help shape the story by commenting and voting on the outcome of the story, as well as create images, explore an interactive map of the setting in New England and shop for virtual goods referenced with it. 
The vampire story, Mortal Kiss, is a collaboration between writers and editors at Random House and artists and programmers at Stardoll and it's serialised in 3-5 minute episodes running over eight weeks from today until Halloween. The project is available globally and will be translated in 17 languages. Will you check it out?

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