Monday, April 4, 2011

Chinese "Sex and the City" web series

And another web series which is described as "Sex and the City", BUT it's from China and animated., China's leading Internet television company, has announced today that it will launch this month a new animated web series titled Miss Puff.

The story centers around Miss Puff, a Beijing woman who’s looking for love, though she’s quite often found lounging around her apartment in her underwear, chatting and smoking in front of her computer. Does that sound familiar?
The artwork is pretty stylized, with animated two-dimensional figures overlaid on top of a more realistic, possibly rotoscoped background. With 104 seven-minute episodes to run over eight seasons, it's Youku's most ambitious web series so far.

The series continues from Miss Puff's Goldfish Bowl, an animated short that premiered last November as one of the films in Youku's 11 Degrees New Media Film Project, a partnership between Youku, Chevrolet Cruze, and the China Film Group. If you understand Chinese, check it out: 

Miss Puff is being produced by Youku Original, Youku's in-house content production department. With Miss Puff, they want to continue to blend engaging content, social relevance, and cutting-edge marketing to create a series that will engage and delight the viewers advertisers want to reach.

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