Sunday, September 9, 2012

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is a comedy drama web series with family conflict and tension.

Adel is a young Turkish man whose family has lived in poverty while his grand uncle controls the inheritance money which righfully belongs to his father. He travels to the US with his best friend, works illegally, and is deported back to Istanbul. Since Adel will do anything to live in North America, he agrees to marry his rich grand uncle's spoiled obnoxious granddaughter in exchange for his permanent resident status in Canada. Unfortunately, he becomes infatuated with his English teacher and his life turns into a Turkish soap opera.
Have a look at the 1st episode:

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is produced by Sababa Emporium Film Productions and AR&B Films. The producers of this web series showcased also a feature film in North America and European festivals, and in the Middle East the series is a Turkish soap opera dubbed in Turkish, Arabic and other languages.
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