Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hipsterhood - a web series, ironically

You can find them in Berlin Mitte, Shoreditch, Williamsburg, and Silver Lake, L.A. - Hipsters. These young, urban middle class adults who wear skinny jeans and nerd glasses and hang out at a coffee shop all day.

Hipsterhood is a comey web series about two hipsters who live in Silver Lake and keep running into each other around the neighbourhood. But since they are too cool to care, they can't get to the next step which would be talking to each other.
Watch them running into each other for the first time in a grocery-shop on a Friday night:

The series is 90% voice over as we hear the inner dialogue of each character while they are trying to figure out how they could start talking to each other. Hipsterhood is written and directed by Shilpi Roy and stars Kit Williamson and Elizabeth Ferraris. 
Episodes are released every Tuesday at 5pm and to gain even more Hipster wisdom, go to: http://www.hipsterhoodseries.com/

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