Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Situation gets a web series

If you have no idea who "The Situation" is, here is a little reminder:

Yes, it seems like Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore will play the lead fictional character in a comedy series featured on online talent competition site http://yobi.tv

The Situation’s co-stars are also yet to be determined. Yobi.TV is hosting a contest, where one aspiring male and female actor will win the opportunity to act alongside Sorrentino and force the word "situation" into as much dialogue as possible. Similar to Yobi.TV’s singing, filmmaking, comedy, and photography contests, the winners will be determined by whichever audition submission receives the most number of votes from Yobi.TV users.

This isn’t the first Yobi.TV series and co-star contest to feature a popular MTV reality personality who also appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Audrina Patridge from The Hills is also set to star in a web series alongside two members of the Yobi.TV community.

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