Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dating in the Middle Ages

Valentine's Day just passed and I hope your date has been just wonderful. But maybe it was a disaster date and you need some cheering up now? Then I've got something for you! It's an independent comedy web series called Dating in the Middle Ages and is described as "Sex in the City meets Glee" - hybrid.

In Dating in the Middle Ages, Devin Mills (Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The O.C., Big Love) - who also created and wrote the series - portrays Samantha Collins, a divorced, middle-aged woman aspiring to become a historical romance novelist. Samantha longs for a successful romantic life and hence attemps to navigate the dating scene in 2010. However, her overactive imagination tends to send her on flights of fancy to the olden times and beyond, with plenty of original song and dance numbers. Within the first episode Samantha goes on her first blind date in 15 years and it is not what she expected:

“I got the idea for the series after leaving a long relationship, starting to date again, and listening to many of my friends’ horror stories about dating at midlife,” commented Mills. “I hope that ‘Dating in the Middle Ages’ brings humor to the old adage, “looking for love in all the wrong places,” and inspires people to keep kissing those toads - you never know when one will turn out to be a prince.” Even though it's about a middle-aged woman, I'm sure all ages can relate to this dating nightmare web series.

Actor John Schneider, best known for his role as Jonathan Kent, father of Clark Kent on Smallville and as Bo Duke in Dukes of Hazard recently joined the cast as Jake Hagarty, a charming new member of Samantha’s writing group who may turn out to be her modern day Cary Grant.

From medieval fantasies to Lady Gaga-esque musical daydreams, the web series explores everything from cougars and cubs, one-uppers, and low talkers to masochistic matchmakers and middleaged man-children. Due to its experimental elements, such as the fantasy sequences utilizing elaborate costumes and puppets, and the original musical numbers, Dating in the Middle Ages is definitely worth to take a look at.

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