Thursday, February 3, 2011

NEWS: BBC and My Damn Channel & AOL and Mark Burnett

New web shows are coming up soon:

BBC Worldwide Productions, web-based My Damn Channel, and the comedy troupe "The Lost Nomads" are teaming up to co-produce and distribute Gigi: Almost American, a new series created by and starring Josh Gad (Love & Other Drugs). The 10-episode series will feature the adventures of Gigi, a loveable foreigner who is new to the U.S. with dreams of becoming an “average American.” Blending physical comedy, irreverent humor and absurd situations, Gigi will let nothing – not his lack of street smarts, fashion sense, or mastery of English – stand in the way of his American dream.

AOL, however, has once again buddied up with Mark Burnett Productions to produce a literary web show. It'll be a comedy series of shorts based on the CliffNotes series of literary guides from publishers John Wiley & Sons. Everyone from Mark Twain to William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens will get a look-in.

They both sound interesting, don't you think?

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