Friday, February 11, 2011

Pueblo - un proyecto bilingüe

The "fish out of water" theme is usually a great vehicle for comedy, because that story paradigm places the main character in a world totally foreign to the world he or she is accustomed. The episodic web series Pueblo documents the comedic exploits of a quirky English teacher from the US, who is adapting to the culture of a Spanish farming village. Pueblo takes place in La Puerta de Segura, a small town surrounded by olive trees.  

The special feature of that web series is that it's produced as a bilingual project in collaboration with local teachers and townspeople of rural Andalucia. So, if you want to improve your Spanish, respectively your English, here is your chance. All episodes contain a mixture of dialogue in English and Spanish, and the show will be subtitled in both languages. Plus, transcripts with footnotes about translations, idioms, and slang will be posted after the episode is released.

The creators Eve Richer and Ben Raznick met as high school students in Boulder, Colorado. They have lived in Nicaragua, Argentina, and Brazil, and currently work as assistant English teachers in La Puerta de Segura, Spain. So, I assume Pueblo is based on their own experiences.  

Production for Pueblo began in October 2010 and it will come out in May! Instead of watching an episode, have a look at this behind-the-scenes interview with the stars of Pueblo and exclusive footage of Ben Raznick and Erika Martínez at the International Film Festival of San Sebastián:


And make sure, you also check out their blog for photos, videos, and news about the upcoming web series Pueblo:

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