Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lumina - The Web Series

Can you find love in a mirror? That's the question the 9-part web series Lumina raises. The series is a dark, densely woven fantasy set against the sparkling backdrop of Hong Kong.

Lumina Wong lives alone, works too much and feels as if life is passing her by. Although she lives in a city of millions, she still feels lonely and isolated. Late one night, she meets a handsome young man from another world that she can see in mirrors and darkened window reflections and they fall in love.
Here is a sneak peek:

Lumina revels in the fantasy relationship until mirrorspy Eben Sanchez comes into her life, warning her of the treacheries of the people of the Dark Realm. Soon Lumina must choose between the safety of the world she knows and the deadly allure of the unknown. You're intrigued now? Watch Episode 1:

This fantasy thriller series is written and directed by Jennifer Thym. It is shot on the cutting edge RED One and stars JuJu Chan and Michael Chan as well as many other AlivenotDead artists:

The episodes are available in English with Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian and Portuguese subtitles. But you can not also watch the latest epsisodes on: http://www.luminaseries.com/
You can also check out photos, the original soundtrack, and download the official Lumina poster.

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