Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fail - a Hip-Hop web series

The comedy web series Fail is an urban Internet version of Glee.
It depicts a group of co-educational students who are on the verge of academic probation as a result of the random misadventures they embark on after class. Contrary to the title, though, Fail is meant to inspire young people to stay in school.

Take a look at Episode #1 in which Alicia discovers that college might be tougher than she thought. But her big cousin HOPE comes to the rescue with an invitation to her study group: 

The second season of Fail began airing exclusively on on May 31. The show, which is produced by Hip-Hop legend Christopher “Play” Martin, Vanessa Baden, and James Bland is geared towards an underserved demographic in Hip-Hop – students in middle, high school, and early college. The team behind the online urban comedy has also just released their official first single, "Superficial Girl" by O'Hene Savant, from their upcoming album Fail Mixtape Vol. 1 which is set to be released in July.
Don't forget to tune in tonight for Episode #6!

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