Friday, June 22, 2012

Sports Talk Radio

Euro Cup 2012, the Olympics, Wimbledon - it's THE sports summer, so why not introduce a web series which is about sports, well a sports talk radio.

Sports Talk Radio goes behind the scenes of JOCK 700 AM - a station devoted to sports in British Columbia. The comedy web series delves into the lives of the on-air personalities. From Bunt and Frank, the two polar-opposites who host the popular drive-home show, to the sexy-traffic-and-weather-together-girl to the station manager who's trying to keep everything running smoothly.
Have a look here:

Writer and producer of Sports Talk Radio, Jason Bryden plays also Frank, the sports talk guy who has a desire to make his Vancouver sports show more than interviews with sportsmen and obscene references to chicks.

Jason's other two web series are The Staff Room and The Acting Class. Each of those are 12 episodes while Sports Talk Radio is only six. Episodes run from 5-7 minutes, geared for the speedy nature of the internet. If you wanna see more go to Jason's YouTube Channel:

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