Saturday, June 23, 2012

Preview brand new mobile for online ad campaign

This is actually a personal request.

Are you tech savvy and do you like to keep up with the latest trends in mobile phones?  Do you have an interesting life that is enhanced in some way by using mobile apps or features? Are you between 18 and 40?  Then I want to hear from you! 

A market-leading mobile manufacturer is looking for ‚real’ people (no acting) to try out their new handset. We want you to integrate it into your daily routine – use it, take it with you whereever you go, experience the new features it has and tell us about how it made your mobile user experience better in some way. 

We would need you to be available for a couple of days of filming, between the 9th and 21st July. 

We are looking for people from7  different territories:


Middle East

To find out more and about the incentives on offer please get in touch with me asap!

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